Know what you grow!

Knowing what you have for grades and attributes will be key to maximizing revenue. Cotecna’s inspection and testing services for agricultural products help growers mitigate risk, comply with contractual obligations, and make their businesses more transparent and sustainable.

Get 2 FREE grain sample gradings from Cotecna Inspection


• Grab 2 samples: 1 Cereal and 1 Pulse or Oilseed

• Stop by the CXN360 booth B129 during the show

• Go enjoy the show and stop by on your way out to get your free grading report from Cotecna Inspection

• Take that grading certificate and send buyers targets on CXN360 for your crop. Maximize your revenues.

*Special offer is limited to one package per farm entity. Want to more samples graded? Save time and bring more samples to the show and have them graded. Regular lab rates apply.



Western Canadian Crop Production Show

January 13-16, 2020

Prarieland Park, Saskatoon, SK