The following are the principles guiding data management on the Ag Exchange service. If you are an Ag Exchange community member, your data is managed in accordance with these principles.

Data Analysis and Privacy

All data on the Ag Exchange system is analyzed to provide value-added capabilities such as the reports that are available from the Ag Exchange dashboard.

Reports that are generated from data that is uniquely identifiable as belonging to you, such as land use reports, are only available to you – no other Ag Exchange member can access those reports.

Reports on system activity are based on data accumulated across all Ag Exchange members. For example, summary Grower inventory reports are available to Ag Exchange Buyers and summary Buyer search reports are available to Ag Exchange Growers. In these summary reports, personal identifiers are never included but your data does contribute to these reports. The way in which your data contributes to these reports is governed by the analysis that we perform upon the data to generate the reports and the techniques that we use for data analysis may change at any time.

Ag Exchange members are not anonymous. Ag Exchange members use the system for mutual economic benefit and, to be able to conclude negotiations on the Ag Exchange system, members must know the identity of the person with whom they are negotiating. In general, Growers can see the identity of the Buyers but not the identities of the other Growers and Buyers can see the identities of the Growers but not the identities of the other Buyers.

Data Retention

You have control over the data that you enter into the Ag Exchange system via your Ag Exchange member account. You can add data to your member account, delete data from your member account or close your member account at any time.

Once you have deleted any data (or your member account), your deleted data will not appear in any searches on the Ag Exchange system after that time. However, there are places where there are still elements of your data left on the Ag Exchange system, even after you delete the data or your member account. These include, but may not be limited to, the following cases:

  1. If you have ever attempted to buy (Bid) or sell (Ask) on the Ag Exchange system, or completed a transaction on the Ag Exchange system using either or both of the Bid and Ask features, then there is an audit trail created. This audit trail cannot be deleted because the audit trail is the final authority in case there is ever a dispute between Ag Exchange members over the terms of a negotiation and it must remain on the Ag Exchange system to protect both parties if there is a disputed negotiation.
  2. Your data will be present in the backup copies of the database. The backup copies of the database are not in active use and the data cannot be accessed by anyone other than one of our system administrators. These backup copies exist to protect you (and Ag Exchange Group) from disaster and your data must remain intact to ensure that we can protect the integrity of the database for you and all of the other Ag Exchange members. In the unlikely event that we must restore the Ag Exchange database from backups, we shall follow generally accepted disaster recovery principles and techniques to ensure that the database is correctly restored. However, no disaster recovery plan is perfect and, in the event of a disaster, we may need to contact you to ensure that your data is correctly restored, or deleted, as appropriate.