1. News Release: FarmLink sells brokerage to Ag Exchange Group


    Winnipeg, February 5, 2020 – FarmLink Marketing Solutions sells its brokerage department to Ag Exchange Group. Both companies become strategic partners to leverage each other’s strengths.

    FarmLink is tackling commodity price discovery with Ag Exchange’s CXN360 platform for price discovery, enabling them to collaborate with clients based on true prices and strategic objectives.

    “Rather than trying to reinvent and look for ways to stay relevant in commodity price discovery, partnering with Ag Exchange solidifies our approach to lead with strategy,” says Mark Lepp, CEO of FarmLink. “Our goal is to increase transparency to help our clients strategically grow their business and to leverage information and technology into new opportunities.”

    “Ag Exchange Group is proud to be involved with FarmLink Marketing Solutions. FarmLink is undoubtedly a leading provider of grain marketing advisory services, commodity price intelligence and market reports in North America. The grain and oilseed market can be volatile and expert analysis is crucial for farmers deciding whether to sell today or wait.” says CEO Lyle Ehrmantraut of Ag Exchange Group.

    “New technology has changed the way farmers access price information on a live basis. Using CXN360 and comprehensive market advice, farmers can have more clarity when making business decisions,” says Mark Lepp. “Ag Exchange’s technology is the future of brokerage.”

    “The acquisition of FarmLink’s brokerage division demonstrates our continued commitment to the Canadian grain industry,” says Lyle Ehrmantraut, CEO and President of Ag Exchange Group.

    With recent trade issues and tightening margins at the farm and grain buyer level, Ag Exchange Group’s CXN360 trading platform will eliminate transaction fees for growers and buyers who have operated under the traditional commission-based brokerage business.

    “It has always been our focus to keep more money in the hands of growers and buyers who are heavily invested in the Canadian agriculture sector. Using the CXN360 service enables the industry to trade more efficiently than ever before. CXN360 was built to create market opportunities and execute on them in an open and transparent environment,” says Lyle Ehrmantraut.

    Full details about the strategic partnership are still under discussion, but both companies agree to work together to ensure all strategic objectives are achieved.

    About FarmLink

    FarmLink Marketing Solutions is Western Canada’s leading provider of grain marketing services, offering consulting, analysis and direct selling opportunities to individual farm businesses. Using market analysis and information about our farmer’s operation, planting and sales decisions become numbers-based and profit-motivated.

    About Ag Exchange Group

    Ag Exchange Group helps growers and buyers to more efficiently and more profitably manage, market, purchase and supply grain commodities through its innovative technology platform, CXN360.

    About CXN360

    CXN360 is a cutting-edge service that provides a members-only online network where growers and buyers connect for mutual benefit. Buyers and growers can create offers and targets with real‐time notification of new opportunities to buy or sell grain. Members have unlimited access to the CXN360 service via a web browser and can receive real-time notifications via email or text. There are no transaction fees. Members see live offers which they can easily accept with the click of a button. Advanced analytics and reporting provide valuable insights for operations management. CXN360 complements existing farm management tools, beginning where they end, delivering legally binding offers in an open and transparent environment. CXN360 currently serves more than 8.5 million grower acres and over 140 buyer locations, making it the leading independent grain marketplace in North America.


    For more information, please contact:

    Luisa Miranda Alarcón
    Director of Marketing, FarmLink

    Jason Komoski
    Marketing Manager, Ag Exchange Group – CXN360

  2. Special Offer at the Crop Production Show

    Know what you grow!

    Knowing what you have for grades and attributes will be key to maximizing revenue. Cotecna’s inspection and testing services for agricultural products help growers mitigate risk, comply with contractual obligations, and make their businesses more transparent and sustainable.

    Get 2 FREE grain sample gradings from Cotecna Inspection


    • Grab 2 samples: 1 Cereal and 1 Pulse or Oilseed

    • Stop by the CXN360 booth B129 during the show

    • Go enjoy the show and stop by on your way out to get your free grading report from Cotecna Inspection

    • Take that grading certificate and send buyers targets on CXN360 for your crop. Maximize your revenues.

    *Special offer is limited to one package per farm entity. Want to more samples graded? Save time and bring more samples to the show and have them graded. Regular lab rates apply.



    Western Canadian Crop Production Show

    January 13-16, 2020

    Prarieland Park, Saskatoon, SK


  3. Join us for a special event – YOUR FARM

    Join us at this year’s Crop Production Show for a complimentary event with free lunch…. Your Farm.

    Running a successful farm operation is complex. Today’s growers have access to an abundance of tools and services aimed at increasing the profitability of farms, saving growers time and mitigating risk. The “Your Farm” seminar will address some of the challenges of the farming landscape and help you navigate through some of the key services available in risk management, financial dashboard, grain marketing and knowing what you grow.

    WHEN: Wednesday, January 15th

    11:30am – 1:00pm

    WHERE: Hall A – Breakout Room 2

    Crop Production Show, Prairieland Park, 503 Ruth Street West, Saskatoon, SK


    11:30am Complimentary Lunch

    11:45am Introduction – CXN360 by Ag Exchange Group

    11:50am Know What You Grow – Cotecna Inspection

    What has been seen in 2019 grain inspections and recommendations for the 2020 harvest

    12:20pm Swing for the fence… after 2019 – Global Ag Risk Solutions

    Many have heard about Risk Management, but it’s really “Risk Transfer”. This presentation will focus on transferring risk off the farm, so you can concentrate on following your strategy to produce the best possible cropand “swing for the fences.”

    12:50pm Wrap-Up – FCC AgExpert


  4. Join us at the Grain World Conference

    Join CXN360 at the Grain World Conference in Saskatoon, November 27 and 28.

    Meet Ag Exchange Group President & CEO, Lyle Ehrmantraut who will be a panelist for a special presentation at 2pm November 28th.

    Lyle will be joined by others for:

    Buckle Up! Technological Change and Consumer Tastes, Challenges and Opportunities

    The agricultural industry has always been ripe for technological disruption. The scale and scope of modern farming requires investment and innovation. Technology shifts and developments are happening faster than ever. Consumer tastes, challenged by health, climate, and ideological concerns are evolving rapidly. Demographics are poised to further challenge the status quo. Join Grain World in investigating what trends and ideas will shape the future.

    We hope to see you there!