We are continually looking for ways to improve the CXN360 experience for both growers and buyers, and we’re excited to announce that we’re making improvements to the way growers will receive grain offers via text message.

Growers will now receive a more streamlined email and text message that displays basic details about an offer to buy grain.  The new message format will include a snapshot of the offer with a clear prompt to view additional details by clicking the link associated with each bid.  This new design is intended to help growers make informed decisions about the offers they receive.  By accessing a full view of the bid details, they are in a better position to decide to accept or decline it.

There is no change to the type or amount of information growers can review for each offer in the system.  They continue to have access to the buyer name and contact information, price, quantity, any attachments or notes from the buyer, and important dates.

Another feature being added to CXN360 is single click access to phone a buyer.  This is available through the buyer details in the offer and gives growers a simple way to reach out for additional information.

These changes are going live on September 15, 2018. Please watch for the change and let us know what you think.