1. Do fertilizer and grain prices make you feel like Chicken Little?

    While sipping a coffee and reading some weekly publications last week, I reluctantly came to the conclusion that fertilizer and grain prices are going to take us on a wild ride in 2019.  I know it’s still 2018 and some don’t even have the crop off yet.  I don’t traditionally put myself in th…Read More

  2. We’re streamlining how growers receive offers on CXN360

    We are continually looking for ways to improve the CXN360 experience for both growers and buyers, and we’re excited to announce that we’re making improvements to the way growers will receive grain offers via text message. Growers will now receive a more streamlined email and text message that di…Read More

  3. Keeping grain sampling simple. What I’ve learned along the way

    Grain sampling is one of those best practices at harvest that we sometimes take for granted.  It doesn’t take much to do it well, but we need to be consistent and thorough.  And once you have the results, they are fundamental to your marketing and inventory decisions. Let me share my introductio…Read More

  4. A grain marketing field tour? Sign me up!

    The summer season is a time for spraying, holidays, and even some learning opportunities.  There are always field tours to give you information about the effect of different nutrients, fungicides, herbicides, and seed genetics.  It’s exciting.  But while there are lots of opportunities to educa…Read More

  5. Do you know your farm labour costs? You might need a raise.

    Diving into the details of farm labour costs can feel like you’re opening a Pandora’s box.  But it’s an important Pandora’s box to open.  Just like calculating things like annual fuel costs, putting firm numbers to farm labour costs help you determine your overall production costs, break…Read More

  6. E-commerce in ag retail vs e-commerce in grain marketing

    Are grain marketing and ag retail on the same trajectory when it comes to e-commerce?  I don’t think so.  But technology has a role in both. Steve Watt’s May article in Croplife: E-commerce in Ag Retail: Big New Trend or Flash in the Pan? presented a really interesting perspective about the …Read More