1. Just “Go for it.” Balancing Risk and Reward in Ag Tech

    “Go for it” isn’t just about taking that leap on the end of a bungee cord or pulling the parachute in your first skydiving adventure. Nor is it just about taking the plunge and asking someone to marry you or signing the mortgage documents on your first home. Going for it isn’t always about e…Read More

  2. Taking your destiny out of the hands of Mother Nature

    The thought of being in control of your own destiny might seem a bit foreign for those who are so much at the whim of Mother Nature. But in truth, controlling your destiny is about controlling what you can to chart your own path. It’s a big, weighty subject – but I’m going to give you some foo…Read More

  3. Making a Grain Marketing Plan and Executing on It

    There is a big difference between having a grain marketing plan and making a grain marketing plan that you actually execute on. The grain marketing plan itself is pivotal to running a modern, successful farm business.  And like any good plan, there is flexibility and the goals are benchmarks to mak…Read More

  4. Tools to help with the cash grain markets

    Whether your grain marketing plan is basic or elaborate, it’s going to include the cash grain markets, and there are some important tools to help you with the execution. Even if you’re engaging with advisors and have accounts for puts and calls, these tools can help you make the most of your str…Read More

  5. Using the Right Online Grain Marketing Tools

    When it comes to technology, online grain marketing isn’t any different than anything else. You have more and more options as technology tackles our every-day problems and makes us more efficient. With the growing number of online grain marketing tools, I thought it would be a good idea to walk th…Read More

  6. Making yourself accessible to today’s grain markets

    When we think about being “accessible” we might not immediately understand how that applies to grain markets. Afterall, isn’t accessibility about being friendly or easy to approach and talk to. Yes, but it’s also about being reachable and available, and that’s how it applies to selling you…Read More